Liberation: God’s saving act in the history of His people

24 November 2009

I was on my way to the seminary when I was stuck in a traffic jam.

Apparently, there was a vigil at the Boy Scout Rotonda in Timog Quezon City, people mostly ‘lefties’ that I’ve known in my past life at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines are congregating in the area with their flickering candles in a ceremony of solemn luminosity that spells out the word: ‘justice’ in the brick-layered pavement of the rotonda.

Little did I know that what I saw as an obstruction on the way to ATS was a reaction to what is now known as the bloody Maguindanao, massacre. Unaware of the significance of the vigil I proceeded to class –and then as if by divine intervention our class of the Book of Exodus endowed our study with this staggering message: God heard, God remembered, God saw, God knew.

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Nehemiah 8-9 | To the eternal praise of God

It should be noted that Nehemiah is a part of the books in the Bible that are called the historical books of the Old Testament, which basically tells the story of how God made all and chose to make Himself known to a people who will become a holy nation, upon which a kingdom bearing His name will dwell among other nations in the world. Nehemiah is the last historical book which deals with the return of Israelite exiles to Jerusalem.

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