Philippians 1:21 | So help me God…

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21

These words from the Apostle Paul scares me deeply.

After all, who wouldn’t be?

Personally, I find the prospect of my death and the idea of facing my mortality head a terrifying concept to grasp. Especially since the context of such speaks of Paul’s imprisonment, is something that is far-fetched from my complacent urban life, and to be totally honest I am far from ever becoming the person that Paul was. I am still well underway on my journey: I tend to stumble. I tend to fall into temptation. I tend to fail. I tend to look after myself first. I would always to fall short.

Why is that so?

I believe that like all people I am prone to look at myself most of the time as the God of my life –that is ‘sin’:  our deeply rooted selfishness which taints all our best intentions. It is in sin that I believe we turn our backs on God and fail to love others. No one can deny the fact we all tend to look out for ourselves more than anything else.

Following Paul’s take on Christ on Philippians I realized that if I were to look at myself through the lens of Christ –I would realize that the reason why I am such is because of sin, which I cannot undo if not for Christ. Philippians 2 can be looked at as the basis for understanding sin as being the opposite of Christ because the chapter depicted Jesus as emptying and humbling Himself and being diligently obedient to the point of death. Thus sin is in opposite concepts from what Christ is shown to be. Instead of humble, sin is defined by pride. Pride is the opposition to the humble condescending movement of Christ out of the heavenly realms and into a world of darkness taking on human flesh.

Thankfully, what seems as bad news was made right in Christ’s death and in His humanity where He identified Himself with us in all conditions of human life making our plight sympathetically His own and in doing so He even went to the point of satisfying the demanded justice for our sins: as Romans 5:8 puts it – ‘While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’

This perhaps, is my source of consolation as I continue to struggle, to painstakingly persevere in this journey –a journey to which I only find confidence in this very thing: that it is a journey that begins and ends in Christ, who has committed Himself to see its completion at His proper time.

But as for now, so help me God…

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