Welcome to Fide Quarens Intellectum, a site that I hope will be a blessing to you, as it seeks to advance sound theological reflection for Christians in the pew. Much of the content published on this website are the materials that I have written for my teaching and preaching ministry at Grace Bible Church – a ministry that I have been blessed to become a part of.

Included here also are some of my academic writings that I have been constantly producing while undergoing my MA Theology course at the Asian Theological Seminary.

All the articles here are free for you to use and distribute, my only ask is that you distribute them free of charge and that you’ll always give credit to where credit is due in the same manner that I have done my very best to give proper citation to the authors, theologians, scholars and preachers that I have quoted in the articles.

Lastly, I ask that if the contents of these website have been a blessing to you – please pay it forward and share whatever it is in here that you feel has been a blessing.

It is my prayer that when all has been said and done this site will give glory to our God, who defines Himself as Father, Son and Spirit in a Triunity of love.

In Christ,

Chuck Baclagon