Evangelical Churches and Climate Change: A Call to Action

“The brokenness of earth is the brokenness of God’s home.”[1]

It has long been held that the environment is among the most pressing concerns of this generation. In this bygone age of technology and consumerism, ministry pertaining to the natural world of creation has taken a backseat in the teaching and preaching of Evangelical Christian churches in particular. While most Christians appreciate the beauty of nature, many don’t realize there is a strong Biblical basis for creation care, in fact many ethical values, fundamental to the development of a peaceful society, are particularly relevant to the ecological question.

In the Book of Genesis, where we find God’s first self-revelation to humanity (Gen.1-3), there is a recurring refrain: “And God saw that it was good.” [2] Mankind’s first home was Eden –paradise. The Earth was paradise, teaming with life, vegetation, and the wondrous landscape of skies, the land and the sea. Creation in God’s eyes was good, but at the same time entrusted it to the care of man and woman.

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Ecclesiastes 12:1.13-14| Time will come…

Life is full of certainties. As Ecclesiastes 1:9 explains: “there is nothing new under the sun.”

Such a statement is true for most of us. Here are some things that I believe is certain: the first is change, as the all too familiar saying goes, ‘the only thing constant is change.’; the future, precisely because time is linear thus it only moves in one direction – forward; growing up and growing old, an exception to this process would make us abnormal; the inevitability and certainty of death, which for some of us it would either be sooner or later.

It is with the grasp of such certainties of life that the author of our passage wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes.

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