Isiah 6:1-8| Saved to serve

Isiah 6Another Glimpse of Heaven

As we would see in the prophet Isiah’s vision which again gives us a glimpse of Heaven and the worship given by the heavenly beings to the Lord who is seated on the throne.

God revealed Himself to the prophet in a vision that prompted him of his personal sinfulness, and revealed to him the truth that by ourselves we are totally unworthy of God and His fellowship if not for Christ.

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Revelations 4:11| Worship: An attitude of the heart

WorshipA view from Heaven

The passage gives us a view from Heaven which gives us an idea of what awaits us there: it is eternal worship to God who is truly worthy of worship because He is God. Every glimpse of Heaven that we have in the Bible is always a glimpse of worship and rejoicing because God is who He is.1

God demands, seeks and requests our worship because He deserves it, because it is the nature and destiny of a Christian to worship Him.2

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